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     Music is a fun thing to meditate with. Most of the time I can’t concentrate with silence; I jump at every sound and my eyes pop open. Music covers those sounds that would distract me and fill my ears with pleasant sounds that I often delight in listening.

     I sit on my bed or the couch and cross my legs Indian style. I turn on the radio and/or my iPod and I put my ear buds in and close my eyes. Then I just drift on the music. I practice my deep breathing, slow and easy, and just let the music wash over me.

     I relax and let myself just be. Nothing else exists but me and the music I am hearing. There is no room for anything else. 

     I could be listening to the crashing sounds of rock, the twang of real country, or the not-so-simple sounds of techno. Whatever it is, as long as I can relax to it, I can meditate to it.

     It’s a great way to de-stress after a long day. It’s a great way to take some time for yourself, something you deserve and would thank yourself later for.