"Congratulations! You are now a writer." Barbara Braig

Rules for Commenting,

I won’t start off with the “Hi! I’m new to blogging blah blah blah” routine, as this would be my first post, so it’s fairly obvious.

I don’t think I will have a set topic for my Blog. I may bounce around from books, to crochet, to me, etc. You get the picture. I was told a Blog can be about anything, so mine will be.

I respect everyone’s right to comment and speak your mind. You may say what you like, whether it disagrees with me or agrees, IDC, you may say it. Howver, I will not tolerate abuse, so please, No Swearing at me or on my Blog. If I deem you abusive, you will be reported. But that means you will have to be exceptionally harsh to me, otherwise, have no fear of reprisal, but bear in mind, I may disagree with you.

I am gay, lesbian, bi friendly. Any and all are welcome to be here and be who they are or want to be. No bashing, please, or you will be reported.

I am friendly with just about everyone and everything.

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays,




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